TCI EXPO 2014 Is Here!TCI EXPO 2014 Is Here!

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Exhibitor Service GuideExhibitor Service Guide

Thank you for your support and participation in TCI EXPO 2013!  Here is the online Exhibitor Services Guide; we have compiled this information to help organize your planning for the show.

We recommend the first thing you print is the pre-show checklist with due dates and deadlines for all of the forms contained in the Exhibitor Services Guide. These forms can be found in the corresponding sections and should be completed and returned to the appropriate vendor by the specified deadline. Please use your browser's back button to navigate back from a form. 

The decorator for TCI EXPO 2013 is Fern Exposition & Event Services and your primary contact is Judy Buchanan with the Indianapolis office (317-635-9606).  Don’t forget to take advantage of the Special Booth Package and Special Carpet Package being offered.  These offers give you the opportunity to complete the outfitting of your booth at discounted prices. 

TCI EXPO will be here before you know it!  If you have questions about any of the information found in the Exhibitor Services Guide or general questions about the show, please call Debbie Cyr at 603-314-5380 or contact her via email.

Pre-show Checklist

General InformationGeneral Information

Show Facts at a Glance
Contractors and Contacts
First Aid Schedule

Exhibitor InformationExhibitor Information

Badge Policy
Exhibitor Badge Order Form
Additional Badge Order Form
Education Policy
Sales Tax License Information
Exhibitor Breakfast Invitation
Demonstration Agreement


Hotel Information
Driving & Parking Information

Exhibitor List/Floor PlanExhibitor List/Floor Plan

Exhibitor List with Booth Numbers
Trade Show Floor Plan


Move-In/Move-Out Procedures
Bulk Space Move-In Form
Oversized Vehicles
Personally Owned Vehicles (POVs) Form
Marshalling Yard Location
Marshalling Yard Information

Charlotte Convention CenterCharlotte Convention Center

Exhibitor Rules & Regulations
Audio Visual, Telecom, Utility Services

Fern Exposition and Event ServicesFern Exposition and Event Services

General InformationGeneral Information

General Information
Payment Authorization Form

Special Booth Packages & Booth FurnishingsSpecial Booth Packages & Booth Furnishings

Special Booth Package Order Form
Display Rental Brochure
Display Rental Order Form
Premium Furniture Brochure
Premium Furniture Order Form
Furniture Brochure
Furniture Rental Order Form
Carpet Brochure
Carpet Rental Order Form
Special Carpet Order Form
Booth Cleaning Service Order Form
Sign/Banner Hanging/Rigging Order Form
Sign & Art Work Order Form
Panelboard Rental Order Form
Floral Rental Order Form

Shipping InformationShipping Information

Material Handling and Freight Order Form
Forklift Order Form
Shipping Labels to Advance Warehouse
Shipping Labels to Show Site (Convention Center)
Outbound Bill of Lading Form
Fern Transportation Information & Order Form


Forklift Order Form
Display Labor Order Form
Official Service Contractor Policy